DY-H6 cargo tricycle
DY-H6 cargo tricycle
Price : USD dollars
Engine 200cc,water-cooling
Chassis 50*100
Rear- Axle Intergral booster drum,Φ220
Cabin Semi cabin, iron material
Operating model Handle (optional Car Steering Wheel)
Front Shock Absorber 09 type spring
Rear Spring Leafs 5+2
Rear Brake Hydraulic
Wheels Type Three
Front/Rear Tire 4.5-12/4.5-12

semi cabin heavy loading tricycle 200CC/250CC/300CC


Lifan 200 water cooler, 50*100 keel frame, 40*80 rear flat frame,



built-in 5+2 steel plate, 2m*1.3m large engineering cold plate cargo compartment,



semi-buoyant afterburner 60 bridge pipe, front and rear 4.5-12 ordinary Tires,



09 shock absorption, 9A battery

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